The Robot With a Purpose

The Deskbot

This is our first social robot category aimed for people who like to discover the possibilities how to integrate a robot as a daily companion into their lives.

Simple at first, but already customisable and ready to fulfill the first useful assisting functionalities with the purpose to help you.

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Applications With A Purpose

Work Apps

e.g. Personal Assistant

Aggregates Various Technologies

Engage in two-way conversation and connect to your personal Google Account.

Improve Apps

e.g. Vocabulary Trainer

Supports Skill Improvements

Repeat your daily set of new and difficult to remember words.

Push Apps

e.g. Morning Routine

Enforces Habit Changes

Start the day effectively. It is important to build up habits and routines.

Focus Apps

e.g. Target Setting

Guarantees Goal Achievemnts

Focus on one goal at a time. Persistent reminders every day.

Daily Self-Improvement With

Your Motivational Robot™


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