Automate your self-improvement routines with Rocky A.I.

Build better habits and stick to them.

Goal Setting

Your initial step is to define what matters to you and set your goals with an A.I..

Pro-active Engagement

Our autonomous robots initiate triggers to motivate you.

Daily Habit Tracking

Focus on what matters most and what to keep track.

A.I. Journaling

A.I. collects data while interacting with you and creates a diary for you.

Behavior Dashboard

Quantify your behavior hands-free, only by interacting with the A.I.

A.I. Insights

Iterative machine learning about your behavior results in recommendations for habit building.


Voice Interface

You will interact with the A.I. via voice, effortlessly. You don’t need to read something from a screen or put text into a device.

A.I. Insights

Track Meaningful Data

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