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Demo Day Pitch - ROCKY.AI - Techstars BSH Future Home 2019

Healthy Habit - Accountability Assistant

You will interact with the A.I. via voice, effortlessly. You don’t need to read something from a screen or put text into a device.

We have developed our A.I. Accountability Assistant prototype to research voice interaction behavior and to train fundamental understanding of achievements for our A.I. models.

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A.I. Accountability Assistant

Healthy Habit Tracking Voicebot - Alpha App

Deskbot® - Your Motivational Robot®

Deskbot is our research project. We explore how physical embodiment of an A.I. can assist users better in their self-improvement journey.

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Rocky Robots Deskbot - The Motivational Robot

Rocky Robots Deskbot - Motivational Robot Tech Demo

RISE HK 2018 - Machine Demo Champion with Rocky Robots Deskbot